Les Miles ‘is LSU football’ according to LSU Senior OT Vadal Alexander

What happen here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana the week before the LSU and Ole Miss game, there was a hunch to get rid of Les Miles. According to the reports around Baton Rouge, someone from a LSU Source spoke to Scott RABALAIS of the Advocate to write an article about Les Miles Job security and being on the hot seat for the next couple of games. Les Miles was supposed to win the next 2 games to keep his job. Well, LSU tried to make a game of it vs Ole Miss, stayed in the game, at 24-17, but Ole Miss went on to score 2 more touchdowns to put the game out of reach as the Rebels won 38-17.

Now the reports started to circulate in the newspapers and on ESPN that LSU Coach Les Miles will be coaching his last game vs Texas AM. The rumors started heating up and LSU Joe Alleva , F. King Alexander and the LSU Boosters exchanged 2,000 emails about deciding their future coach.

The papers reported that Joe Alleva was in touch with Jimbo Fishers agent Jimmy Sexton the week of the LSU vs Texas AM game, trying to work out a deal with Fishers agent, known as the most powerful man in College Football. Yes Jimmy Sexton is the agent for Jim Mora- UCLA, Jimbo Fisher- FSU and the Nick Saban- Alabama, the most successful coach of NCAA Football in the last 8 years. During the week reporters asked Joe Alleva if he would comment on Coach Miles future job, but Alleva said nothing, not one word.
Basically Alleva and Jimmy Sexton couldn’t come to a conclusion on the numbers, and all the newspapers are talking about Les Miles getting replaced, and will be asked to step down after the Texas AM Game.

Everyone knew it was gonna happen even at the Les Miles luncheon on Monday you could here a pin drop as Coach Miles walked into the room of the local media who wrote all the rumors about Miles soon to be vacancy.

I remember Coach Miles going thru the luncheon trying to answer all questions but told the reporters I have 2 minutes for you if you don’t ask questions about the upcoming game. Well what do you know the next 7 reporters asked questions like, will this will be your last game as the LSU Coach ? Coach Miles address them saying I have not been told either way, or been contacted by Joe Alleva. The Press Conference went on and Miles once again told the Press I will address any questions other than my job, and started talking about the post game of the Ole Miss Game, and talked about the up and coming Texas AM Game. Scott RABALAIS was quiet as a mouse, and did not ask one question during the whole luncheon.

Even during the TJ Ribs where Les Miles shows up once a week for a chat with the fans, all the fans were saying their goodbyes to the coach.”Some live questioners were brought to tears at the event at TJ Ribs on Acadian Thruway. Sadie, a weekly caller, traveled from Texas with her family to the show. During the live question segment, Sadie began crying while asking Miles a question about the offense. He reached his arms out for her, pulling her onto the stage, where he spoke to her face-to-face to console knowing he didn’t have any answers.

As Saturday approached and the LSU Football Team walked down Victory Hill, all the fans consoled Coach Miles with cheers and signs telling Coach Miles they love him and he had been a great coach. The Stadium was rocking before the Texas AM vs LSU Game, and it was LSU Senior Day, as LSU worked out before the game Shaquille O”Neal was on the sidelines taking pictures with everyone. As the LSU Seniors was lining up Coach Les Miles came out to take pictures with them, the crowd erupted for appreciation of Les Miles, he came out and tip his hat to everyone like he was Joe DiMaggio at a New York Yankees Game at Yankee Stadium. I never seen anything like it, it was amazing. Covering LSU Football for the last 3 years on the sidelines and to see this was amazing, I never experienced anything like this to see a Coach get so much appreciation from Tiger Stadium, even if you were a Texas AM Fan you were cheering for Coach Miles.
The game went on as LSU won 19-7 in dominant fashion, and in the 1st quarter I saw LSU President F. King Alexander walk by on the sidelines and starting heading towards the LSU Football Team like he was gonna go talk to Coach Miles, because up and til this time Coach Miles thought this was his last game as LSU Coach. Then I saw King Alexander go up to his private suite. LSU went on to win the game, and the players carried Coach Miles over to the LSU Student Section to sing the Alma Mater Song, it was an emotional time, very amazing. Then Coach Miles got a message from LSU F. King Alexander and AD Joe Alleva to remain as Coach for the LSU Tigers.

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