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47 days til kickoff, Round-up in the SEC Football

Hello football fans we have 47 days til the kickoff of College Football. I like baseball and reshirted at USF for a season in 1995-96, enjoyed the sport, but baseball is not like football, the season is right around the corner. The reports around the camp everyone is talking about Kentucky and Georgia, Georgia is favored to win the SEC East according to the media, but it seems like the SEC Media is wrong every year. Its funny in the beginning of the season even Paul Finebaum starts talking about like Kentucky, and that’s usely about that, its talk, Kemtucky hasnt proving anything probably since the last time they beat LSU 2007.I remember in 2014 Kentucky coming into Tiger Stadium on a satuday night, they were saying we are gonna win tonight, walking around the sidelines even the Kentucky fans were saying yep this is the night we beat LSU. Kentucky. The game didnt go well as Kentucky threw passes sideline to sideline, the final score was 41-3 LSU. So I don’t really put any stock in Kentucky at all, and the SEC East has one of the weakest links in the conference. Tennessee Coach Butch Jones keeps talking about building their program brick by brick, someday he is gonna run out of bricks, I think Butch Jones is on a short leash and the Vols fans are getting impatient about their present coach. Yes Muschamp is still coach at South Carolina but I don’t see them doing anything in the next 5 years.

Florida Gators and Georgia probably the only 2 good teams in the SEC East that are competitive, but the Gators  show up every year in the SEC Title Game and gets beat by Alabama like everyone else, Florida did something they are probably going to regret by scheduling a very explosive LSU team, for Homecoming, what a very bad thing to do, and I hear they are gonna give their National Champions Baseball team who beat LSU their rings that night during the game. LSU has a new offensive coordinator Matt Canada who came from Pittsburgh, averaging 39 points a game and the only team to beat the National Champions, Clemson Tigers. The results I see in this game could be decided by 3 points or a blowout by LSU, the gators thinking its an easy game. Someone once told me don’t ever make decisions base on your emotions, the University of Florida was called out during their hurricane last year, LSU offer to fly over the Florida Gators football team and everyone else, and it would be their home game, but as reports were released Florida team was very banged up and didn’t want to face LSU that week, so they danced around until thursday came around and the SEC Commissioner canceled the game because of the University of Florida was not responding and putting everyone on hold. Amazing how Maryland played their schedule game, even Miami played their scheduled game and according to the storm it pass by the coast by Florida and went off shore to the Carolina’s, it didn’t even effect Florida that much, much less the city of Gainesville which is more inland and not even close to the coast.

The team to win the SEC again this year is Alabama Crimson Tide, which are not supposed to miss a beat who might lose to Florida State an opening game and are on the road vs Auburn later on in the season. If Alabama loses 2 games it will be the first time since 2013 that they lost 2 games, and the SEC might not have a team in the NCAA Playoffs, but LSU might go 11-1 so the SEC still has a chance to be represented in the Playoffs if Alabama loses 2 games. Auburn has been talked about as well to win the SEC but it will have to win some big games on the road.  The SEC is really starting to balance out especially the West, but they do have their problems especially with Ole Miss and Hugh Freeze going thru alot of sanctions with the NCAA. A very big cloud indeed over Oxford,Ms as of right now, with all the sanctions and even former Ole Miss Coach Houston Nut was blamed for the 2-10 season before Hugh Freeze took over, Freeze tried blaming Nut for the NCAA Sanctions going on right now, so Houston Nut is suing Hugh Freeze in court for defamation. Its kinda of funny, Houston Nut is suing for a good reputation but his stunt at Arkansas really cleaned that up especially riding around on motorbikes with hot grad students and getting into accidents while being married. I guess someone needs to take the fall for Ole Miss woes right now, because for a SEC West team to beat Alabama two times in a roll, everyone knew something was cooking in Oxford, to get all those top 5 recruits into a small town like Oxford,Mississippi. So there you go folks there’s our break down for the season for right now for the SEC.

47 days til kickoff, Round-up in the SEC Football

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