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LSU and Oregon did not disappoint

The Quacker in the endzone

The College Game Day Big Rig


instead of the Bluemen, heres the Purple and Gold men....

Although the score was 40 to 27, of the LSU and Oregon game, Oregon controlled the first half, with the score 16-13 LSU, going into the half time. LSU recieve the kickoff and had to imply the Oregon quick temple offense, if not Oregon would of picked up where they left off. LSU then march down the field with a go ahead touch down, and then stripped the ball on a kick off and got the ball back, and minutes later Spencer Ware made it  30- 13, with a one yard pludge, LSU then added another 3 points, and the score was 33- 13, Oregon march down the field and score a go ahead touchdown, and made it 33 to 20, Oregon held LSU on 4 downs, LSU punted, as Oregon set up its offense again. This time LSU held there defense to four downs, but Oregon decided to go for it on 4 and 6, on its own 35, and LSU defense batted the ball away on the next play, setting up there go ahead touchdown. A few minutes later Michael Ford ran 16 yrds for the next score to make the score 40- 20.  For the final score Oregon drove down the field 11 plays for 70 yrds, with Thomas on a 4 yrd run, score LSU 40, Oregon 27, then on the kickoff Oregon went for a onside kick, LSU recover and ranout the clock. During the game Oregon was setback with injuries, losing 3 tailbacks, and a kick returner, also the 3 turnovers set Oregon back as well. There is a chance for these two teams to meet again in the BCS Title game, if Oregon runs the table, and Alabama,Oklahoma, and Boise State loses, they might get a chance to play in New Orelans. If LSU continues winning, they will be in New Orelans in 2012.

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