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  1. wesley

    i dont understand the BCS….can some tell me about it…no really tell me the truth about it. u want the two best team in a bowl game but this game was play already this year…the top five BCS bowl games should go to the top 10 on the ranking scale…why do u rank them for if you dont use there rankings at the end of the year….they need to dump the BCS….and get a new system….a better one to…..games should be played on the field not on a computer system…this is not madden2012 its what these kids play football for….

    1. Eddie Diaz

      Well i think that in the short College is a business first so they try to make money any way they can. What a better way to make money but through entertainment and football is at the top of the list. So any excuse will do for a college team to get involved in tournament that brings home the revenue. Don’t you agree?

      1. Essy

        Action requires knowdlege, and now I can act!

        1. Vanessa

          It’s good to be king! The SEC has nothing to prove, all the nnitoaal championship hardware does all the talking sitting in SEC trophy cases. Remember the saying to be the man, you gotta beat the man ? Why should we go north first? We have the hardware and nothing to prove so come south first and THEN you get a return game. When your on top YOU get to call the shot’s in this world and right now the SEC IS ON TOP!

    2. Chuck

      You mean I don’t have to pay for expert advice like this anmyroe?!

      1. Hiroya

        Oh I agree whole heartedly the ssetym sucks,but until they institute a playoff ssetym it’s the best we’ve got. And as for LSU playing in the superdome it’s not their fault the BCS champ game just happened to be in New Orleans that year. What were they supposed to do, just all of the sudden pull up stakes and move the game at the last minute? I can’t wait for a playoff ssetym then the SEC will really get to show their horsepower.

    3. Asri

      Glad you eeyjond your Saturday in T-town. You are welcome any time. ROLL TIDE.

      1. Bima

        Julia, I’ve followed your blog for a long time and aalwys enjoy your photos. I’ve been blogging since 2004 and decided to try my hand at the photo a day’ diary. It’ll be somewhat of a challenge since our youngest (6) is great photo material but she has recently become quite shy of the camera. I’ll have to be sneaky.

  2. wesley

    if the BCS can not do its job you would thinl human beings would do the rite thing. i know i know its hard for a human to do the rite thing but it can be done i do it all the time. COACH saban wake up let OSU have there shot at LSU u had it and u lost LOST. do the rite thing let them play LSU for the title. the computer choosen you to play them but u can always say no NO. i saw this game before i dont plan on watching it. unless LSU plays someone esle for the title. but thats just me a guy from cali………

    1. Jane

      This atrilce went ahead and made my day.

  3. Sherlyn

    Now I know who the banriy one is, I’ll keep looking for your posts.

    1. Mehmet

      Care to play again today? You’re dwelling on game that eenphpad three years ago, as if it eenphpad last night. I’ll gladly play you guys again, just to put you BACK in your rightful place this time. You can bank on not expecting Alabama to lay down for you guys next time, especially after all the big boys have heard since Bama laid down for you three years ago Good luck being Oregon and USC’s bitch in the Pac-12.

  4. Rodney

    @stephen121000 Boo hoo! Five pyelars should not have played because they got cool tattoo’s Boo hoo!

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