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LSU vs Oregon

I am at Texas Stadium, walking around the different tailgate parties, at the College Game Day, Corso, put on the Tigers Mascot hat today, so watch out, looks like the LSU Tigers already won. Ran into a LSU fan Mr. Adrian, will take a 1pt win tonight, so looks like it gonna be a close game, and go down to the wire. Its a joy to be here at Texas Stadium on the eve of the LSU vs Oregon game, big time expectations of whats going happen tonight….. last night I was at Rudy’s eating some famous Texas BBQ, ran into some TCU fans,decided to go to the TCU VS bAYLOR GAME, boy was that a close game as Baylor lead most of the game and won the game with 4 mins. to go on a 32 yrd field goal. Baylor looks a whole lot different this year. Promoted the website today, ran into alot of die hard LSU TIGER fans, everytime a Oregon crowd would walk by a crowd of tigers would scream tiger bait, tiger bait. The Oregon fans are very low key, I told them don’t take it personally the LSU fans treat everyone like that. Well tonight expect a defensive game, and not alot of points. EXpect LSU to slow down the game with the run, and keep the Oregon offense on the sidelines. Well, have a great weekend, I already spent the week driving from California to Texas, dropping off my friend Lucas at his house in New Brussells,Tx… and hanging out in Dallas tonight, oh Auburn squeak one out today against Utah State, the Auburn Tigers are like the stock market up one season down the next……. hope everyone has a great college football weekend.

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