The rudest City to live in America……. yep you guess it Los Angeles…….LOL


Maybe too many AFC voters have been welcomed to L.A. by a one-fingered wave out a car window. No surprise, the traffic-laden city ranks last for being pedestrian-friendly, which probably cuts down on your chances to break the ice with locals, which scored a red-carpet-ready No. 4. Hey L.A. if it makes you feel better NYC came in second, a close second……LOL, Chicago was in the top 15……….   have a good weekend America.


Beat U.S.C.decal from back in 1979 when U.S.C. no 1 played LSU no.20 in Tiger Stadium………

I remember the LSU vs USC match up in 1979, which never took place in the 2000 era, maybe one day........

      The L.S.U. decal beat  U.S.C is from back in 1979, when U.S.C. was no.1 in the nation, and they came to Tiger Stadium to play LSU ranked no.20 at the time. I was at the game as a boy scout helping people find there seats, I watch the game for free. The game had the great Charles White in the game, and LSU actually had the lead in the 4th quarter 12 to 10 with 10 minutes left in the game, U.S.C. was driving and the L.S.U. defense was keeping them from driving down the field, L.S.U. was penalized with a Pass interference that kept the drive alive. U.S.C. scored with 37 seconds remaining in the game with a final score 17-12, what amazing game that was. To witness a game like that at the age of 14 was excellent College Football for a teenager to experience. Perhaps we can get the 2 schools together again and have a good competetive game.



Fans going to the Wisconsin vs NIU, from the Madison,WI at the Elmhurst Train Station.



Closeup PICS on the TCU vs Baylor Game, ……. enjoy…

Friday Night lights in Waco, Tx.... at Baylor Stadium....Fans cheering for Baylor football, the same fans ran out on the field as Baylor won 50 to 48.Great seats, sitting in the endzone, nice field..... lots of electricity

Baylor Football team in waiting,….. ready to run out the shoot..

Here they come out the shoot..... with a sea of students around the entrance.there they go.......what a explosive time before game time..... fun experience Baylor Football

Waiting for the Baylor Football Team to come running out on the field.pregame for the Baylor vs TCS game


Alabama Jumps LSU in the polls……. PLEASE ! ! !

Okay, this is something I don’t get, perhaps someone can explain it to me…….  LSU beats no.3 Oregon 40-27, jumps Alabama in the polls to NO.2, actually they could of the jump the Sooners if you ask me or anybody at the Texas Stadium who witness the Oregon, LSU game. I must say for Alabama to jump LSU after they beat no.23 Penn State on the road 27 to 11, big deal, I am not trying to be Bias about this, but please Penn State who is that, they are overrated, and I said before before Finbaum said it, Paterno needs to hang up the cleats. Thats really interesting for Bama to jump LSU after a victory over no.23 Penn State, whats the world coming too…….  Well, I am done tooting my horn…… but what is the A.P. Poll and USA thinking…..  its okay, when LSU rolls into Alabama towards the end of the year, LSU will leave their mark with the Tide, as they leave with a victory…… you heard it hear first….  the tide will get rolled that weekend, by the Tigers of LSU. Good Day sports fans…..


Big week of College Football coming up… Oklahoma vs FSU, Wiscousin vs NIU at Soldier Field

Well, LSU Tigers get there first SEC game in Starksville,Ms. tomorrow night as they go and face the Bulldogs. The Bulldogs coming off a loss to Auburn should be ready for this game, if not they will be looking at back to back losses. LSU at no.2 in the nation cannot play into the fact that they are no.2 in the nation going in playing the Bulldogs. This will be the first road game for LSU, and I guess we will have to wait to see the outcome. LSU’s running game and defense up to par, it should be a challenging but overcoming contest. Oklahoma faces FSU this week, so we will have to wait the outcome of that game as well. No.1 against No.5, and so early in the season. The sooners better not be looking ahead to next week, or down the line, because the Seminoles have a very good established team, this will be a game to watch, and probably the game of the week. I might have a chance to get to Soldier Field this saturday to watch Wiscousin vs NIU, what a battle that will be at Soldier Field.I just found out NIU is located in Dekalb,Illinois,a small town school, buit willing to put up a fight against the Badgers. I hope its a competitive game, and Wiscounsin is playing NIU in Chicago, so it will be a home game forthe Huskies, what a big venue this will be when it comes game time. Good luck to the NIU Huskies, it would be fun to see a upset thats for sure.  I must say I have a really hard job going to watch college football games, taking pictures, talking to fans, and posting what I saw during the game. Its a tough job, but I guess someone has to do it.

Looking back at the Michigan vs Notre Dame game in the Big House, what a classic finish that was, I hope to see more games like that this season. I wasn’t too far from Ann Harbor, would of been nice to jump in the car and scoot out for the game, but after driving cross country I was a bit tired. I will get out to Ann Harbor this year to witness Denard Robinson and the Wolverines, and to get out to South Bend as well when U.S.C. rolls in town will be a fun event as well. Good luck to your teams this week…….


James Thomas Gray

Well what a week for college football. A great OT thriller on Friday night to start things off as ASU gets their signature win over a Missouri team that seemed to ice its own kicker. I called the Michigan win over Notre Dame; however i did not expect it to be that great of a game, what a classic finish!! Denard Robinson may not be a superstar at the next level, however he is like an out of control Mike Vick who always makes the game exciting to watch.
I predicted that UGA would beat South Carolina in Athens, however they must have known in Vegas that i predicted that and someone threatened the UGA football team to then throw the game, because that is exactly what they did. They had the game wrapped up and lost it on silly turnovers and special team miscues.
Auburn pulls out another one at home, this time over an opponent in the conference whom was ranked. I dont know if Miss St was deserving of a ranking like that or not. A win like last weeks for Auburn may have struck a match and lit a fire underneath them because as we know a team can rally around a close win and it can change the momentum of a season and that is one of the beauties of college football.
The Pac-12 looks like a depleted conference, and it seems like the bigger the conference, the weaker as a whole they are. Look at the ACC for example. There was a time when teams like Ga Tech, NC State, UVA, Boston College, used to be better than what they are now. It seems as if the ACC has been rebuilding ever since it expanded and started having a championship. I feel the Pac-12 may go in the same direction. It appears as if Oregon would have the easy road to another Pac-12 championship, i cannot really see anyone contesting them, unless they just choke down the stretch. ASU might have a shot, and possibly USC if they can get their offense to be more physical.
The game to watch next week is FSU vs Oklahoma and that game is a toss up, along with Ohio St vs Miami. I feel better about Miami’s chances rather than FSU. I watched Miami play against MD on Monday night and they did not look that bad eventhough they were missing eight starters. They definitely have an offense that can score in a hurry regardless of the QB that is playing for them. Two outstanding running backs and Miami always has talent on both sides of the football. I have not seen much of Oklahoma, however i know Stoops will have them ready, and i hope FSU fans are not getting their hopes up, it could get ugly. I do believe FSU is overrated. I am a loyal UVA Cavalier fan who saw his team claw its way back after giving up a 20 point lead in the second half to force a turnover in the final minute of the game and kick a field goal to win at Indiana 34-31. UVA is a young team with Mike London at his second year and i am excited to see what he can do with them. A lot of Wahoo-wa faithful have had these feelings before and UVA has always found a way to let us down, however I am and always will be CAVALIER BLUE through and through. Until next week college football fans, James Gray is signing off.

Denard Robinson is a Transcendent College Football Player & More

Like most viewers of college football, I have always enjoyed watching exciting players like Denard Robinson play the game. Nearly every year it seems like there are a few players who are so compelling to watch, that you root for them regardless of what team they are playing for. What usually, but not always, captures most fans attention is the player’s flashiness or explosiveness. Sometimes it is simply their moxie or toughness that wins fans over and makes them hard to root against.
This year there are already three players I just can’t root against: Andrew Luck of Stanford, Robert Griffin III of Baylor, and Denard Robinson of Michigan. All three are exciting players, full of moxie and appear to have great character and leadership qualities. But only Denard Robinson has that certain video game quality to his play that only comes around a few times a decade. Not since Reggie Bush played for USC, have I seen a player like Robinson who every kid wants to be when they’re playing the video game EA Sports NCAA Football.
I wouldn’t even be the least bit surprised if many Ohio State alums have children that can’t resist the allure of playing the video game with Michigan for the chance to control Denard Robinson. When Reggie Bush was at USC, I had friends who worked for opposing conference teams ask me to get them autographed Reggie Bush jerseys for their sons for Christmas. Despite the parents’ deep-seated dislike of USC, you couldn’t wipe the smile off of their faces as their sons opened that present.
As obvious as it is that Denard Robinson is one of those rare players who transcend his team affiliation, it was his interview with the college GameDay crew following the Notre Dame victory that won me over. When it was mentioned that he had rushed and passed for a combined total of 446-yards in the game, he was clearly genuinely shocked by the news (note his reaction at the 2:06 mark in the video). This exemplified the winning mindset I try and instill in all of my clients. The truly great winners and champions are so consumed with being in the moment, they have no idea how well they performed until after the competition is over. If you are keeping tabs on your performance during competition you are not 100% in it and performing to your full capabilities.
Denard Robinson and his Michigan team are still a work in progress and still have a ways to go to get back to the top of the college football world. But with Denard’s continued development and the leadership and coaching of Brady Hoke (who I wrote previously about here) the future looks very bright for both Robinson and Michigan.

     by Sam Obitz

    you can follow Sam Obitz on twitter@SuperTaoInc


The week of a lifetime, 2 college football games, 8 states, and a visit to Graceland

Hello college football fans, relocated to Chicago, Illinois in one week, on the way I visit 2 stadiums, the first one was by chance, eating BBQ in Waco, TX at Rudy’s,I  notice alot of TCU and Baylor fans eating at the same place, imnagine that. They told me to come to the game, which I did, found parking, got a ticket, and was sitting with the Baylors Women Cross Country Team, which they won there 1st meet of the season, my hats off to the lady bears . I was sitting by the entrance  where theBaylor Football Team was going to comeout, and like about 3000 students ranout to form a wall of yellow shirts for the Baylor football players to runout, never seen anything like it. The fireworks have begun,as Baylor jumpout on the first kickoff with a sprint down the field with the first score. TCU came back on the kickoff to almost scoring, as the punt return was tackle by the 15 yrd line of Baylor, on the next few play TCU ended up in the endzone. Long story short, Baylor was winning by a big margin, TCU came back to take the lead 48- 47, and Baylor was in distraught of the comeback, but the cool handed quarterback Griffin lead the Bears down the field for a game winning kick by Aaron Jones on a 37 yard field goal thru the goal post. TCU tried to respond but was intercepted by Mike Hicks as he put the game away.  As I made my way out of Waco I went down the street to Texas Stadium in Arlington which was a fun match as LSU beat Oregon 40-27, which was a even contest throughout the game, the 3 turnovers by Oregon seperated the score between the ducks and the tigers. Special teams prove to be the winner in this game.Driving into Baton Rouge I ran into a tropical storm Lee, which came out of the gulf, heading up the freeway 49 as I was driving to Baton Rouge, I had to pull off the freeway and get a hotel.  I finally rolled into Baton Rouge, La, stopped by and said hi to all, my older brother John and his wife Kristy, and my two nephews Adam, and Eric, Eric is battling with cancer, he is feeling better, John and Kristy are there by his side consistantly, and the nurses at the Our Lady of the Lake are doing a good job. I made my way up the 55 freeway, and stopped off by Memphis,TN, spent the night and went to Graceland the next day, had a great time in Graceland. Memphis has some of the best BBQ in all of the south, stopped by Beale St as I headed out of Memphis, lots of jazz thats for sure.  I finally made it in to Chicago, what a trip that was. Well signing off, looking forward to a great weekend of football, cheers.


Recap on the LSU vs Oregon game

1st  11:14  LS   Drew Alleman 44 yd field goal 
         6 plays, 12 yards, TOP 2:35  0 – 3 
  03:55  ORE   Beard, Rob 29 yd field goal 
         12 plays, 39 yards, TOP 4:14  3 – 3 
  00:42  ORE   Beard, Rob 30 yd field goal 
         4 plays, 7 yards, TOP 0:30  6 – 3 
2nd  14:43  LS   Tyrann Mathieu 3 yd fumble recovery (Drew Alleman kick failed) 
           6 – 9 
  05:16  ORE   James, L. 3 yd run (Beard, Rob kick) 
         19 plays, 79 yards, TOP 7:41  13 – 9 
  00:44  LS   Rueben Randle 10 yd pass from Jarrett Lee (Drew Alleman kick) 
         12 plays, 75 yards, TOP 4:26  13 – 16 
3rd  06:23  LS   Michael Ford 5 yd run (Drew Alleman kick) 
         5 plays, 24 yards, TOP 1:55  13 – 23 
  03:03  LS   Spencer Ware 1 yd run (Drew Alleman kick) 
         6 plays, 41 yards, TOP 3:12  13 – 30 
4th  14:07  LS   Drew Alleman 32 yd field goal 
         8 plays, 33 yards, TOP 3:25  13 – 33 
  09:14  ORE   Huff, Josh 8 yd pass from Thomas, Darron (Beard, Rob kick) 
         13 plays, 68 yards, TOP 4:47  20 – 33 
  02:52  LS   Michael Ford 16 yd run (Drew Alleman kick) 
         5 plays, 41 yards, TOP 2:56  20 – 40 
  00:13  ORE   Thomas, De. 4 yd run (Beard, Rob kick) 
         11 plays, 70 yards, TOP 2:33  27 – 40 
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