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The Police – Reggatta de Blanc (1979) Full Album

The Police – Reggatta de Blanc (1979) Full Album

I wanted to post The Police, Reggatta de Blanc Full Album, being a big Police Fan back in high school, I used to listen to The Police religiously on a daily basis. I enrolled at LSU back in 1985, and that year The Police decided to go there separate ways, then Sting formed his band and went on tour. I got a chance to see Sting when he rolled into the Centroplex in Baton Rouge,La in 1986 the Tour, Dream of the Blue Turtles, I still can’t figure out the meaning of a blue turtle…… I saw The Police twice in California, 2007 at Dodger Stadium, and 2009 at the Hollywood Bowl, both in Los Angeles,California. I remember being at the Hollywood Bowl, something told me to walk down to the stage and sing a few songs with The Police. Actually I can hit the Sting high notes, after practicing thru the 80′s, 90′s and this decade as well, it would have been fun to sing along on stage as they singed So Lonely. I remember back in high school in my junior year I had to do a skit in front of my class back at Glen Oaks High School, in Baton Rouge,La, so I chose the song So Lonely by The Police, talk about different, as I was acting like I was doing laundry as the song played on a cassette player and did the cigarette dance in front of the class. I will always remember the responses I got after class, one that stuck out very clear, after I got reprimanded by the teacher saying I didn’t do the skit right, one student spoke out and said, Matt, you did something that no one else chose to do, and you are gonna go places, for putting yourself out there for being critique. I remember walking around acting like The Police during the 80′s, as me and my friends always listen to their music, there was never a hesitation of which band we were gonna listen in the car as we drove to LSU on a friday or saturday night. In other words as everyone copy The Beatles in their success, so the 80′s bands copy The Police, yes you heard it 1st, everyone in the 80′s fell right behind The Police with the music they played. Let’s clarify on the music, rock, punk rock and new wave….. but a lot of 80′s bands were cool, Tears for Fears, Modern English, Simple Minds, Billy Idol, The Fixx, Inxs, Howard Jones, The Thompson Twins, Peter Gabriel and the list goes on…..

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