Paul Finebaum, Dan Patrick and Tim Brando pioneers of Sports Talk Radio/ TV

I was listing to Paul Finebaum yesterday on his talk show and Tim Brando came on as schedule. To listen to Finebaum and Brando talk about the latest sports is something to be witness. I f you don’t have XM Radio I am sure you can listen online. There are not alot of sports announcers who command attention like these two fellows. If you are inspired to go in to the Sports arena you would want to copy their techniques and get their knowledge down,and there is certain mannerisms that you must have to cover sports. Look anyone can cover College Football, but it’s good to know the sport and know what you are talking about. Theres alot of fans out there who root for their favorite teams but do not see the light at the end of the tunnel to see their team is not gonna do as expected. Alot of college football teams want to make it to a BCS Game but there are only 4 games with BCS Status. What I am saying in all this Finebaum and Brando are pioneers of College Football, they know what they are talking about, Dan Patrick is always in the same conversation, for sure. Basically there are only a handful of talk show host that know what they are talking about and should be listen to on a daily basis.I am not tooting my horn for these gentlemen but they are icons, lets not forget about Steven A Smith, Wilbon, Kornheiser, and Skip Bayless and the ESPN Crew, College Game Day, Kirk Herbstreet,Lee Corso, and Chris Fowler.  If you are a up and coming journalist or sportswriter please submit a article, I will look it over and post it on the site, so you can get some coverage as well……

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