Don Redden – #44 Remembered – 25 years later

Don Redden #44 – LSU Basketball 1983-1986 – FOREVER #44 f. interviews by Dale Brown, Ricky Blanton #33, and Tim Johnson
I used to go to the LSU Basketball games back in the 1980’s and to see Don Redden play and shoot the lights out of the ball. I remember he would take it to the hole with the big guys. MVP of the regional tournament in 1986, LSU made a incredible run to the final four. I got a chance to meet Tim Johnson, Don Redden’s roommate, at Walk-ons satuday night in Baton Rouge, he express to me his friendship with Don Redden and how Don was a good friend.

I played a lot of basketball growing up in Louisiana, never played college, moved to California and played a lot of basketball in Cally, played three years of semi pro in the San Francisco Pro-Am League 1995-97, I have to attribute my basketball skills to Don Redden, outside shooting, passing the ball, and playing team ball. Redden was very similar to John Stockton, very fundamental ball player, great on defense, and a great outside shooter.

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