Predections in Atlanta for the Final 4: Indiana, Gonzaga, Georgetown, and Louisville.

Alrighty college basketball fans who is gonna win it all.Well Louisville gets the big seed in Indiana instead of the Hoosiers getting the Indiana seed in the midwest,practically the Hoosiers have been no.1 most of the whole year,it seems like Rick Pinto got some extra credit work in to getting the no.1 seed in the midwest.I have Gonzaga,Georgetown,Indiana and Louisville in the Final Four.Each team is gonna have to beat some really good teams to get to Atlanta,Georgia and it’s a toss up I would like to see the Zags win it all,being a big John Stockton fan, I will be rooting for his son David Stockton,and having a chance to meet the former head coach John Thompson Georgetown in the D.C. Area,at the Ronald Reagan Airport, I served him diet coke,I will be rooting for his son,John,Jr.If I was a betting man I would have to go with Louisville,too much team and coach, but if there is any team that can run and gun with Louisville that would be the Indiana Hoosiers.

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