Harvard, La Salle, Ole Miss, Creighton, and VCU with big victories

The Road to Atlanta has begun and there are teams already making big statements. After watching about 4 or 5 hours of basketball on opening day VCU looks very solid and to continue on down the road. Michigan and Michigan State look very good, as well as Harvard,and LaSalle. Ole Miss knocked off Wisconsin, and Creighton beat Cincinnati today, it’s seems like every 4 seed has trouble with the 13 seed, as La Salle knocked off Kansas State. La Salle was even up by 19 and Kansas State came back to take a 1 point league. I tell you what, that halftime show on CBS with Sir Charles and Ernie, that is classic, I get a kick out of them two, also with Kenny the Jet, and Greg Anthony joining the group, a very entertaining halftime show at that. La Salle did finish off the upset 63 to 61 with the coach trying to call a timeout for Kansas State with less than 2 seconds left, and the referee didn’t even look his way. Harvard no.14 seed knocked off no.3 seed New Mexico, so that’s got to be the biggest upset so far. Starting the second half Georgetown finds itself down by 15 as FGCU as surprised the Hoya’s. I have the Hoya’s making it to the Final Four. In other games OSU is winning 43 to 33 against IONA, Florida struggling with NWST 36-30, UNC leads Villanova 37-29.